50 years of experience

We are an agency run by people with large experience in tourism. We have together more than 50 years of experience working for varied employers that are specialized in Croatia, Slovenia and the Balkans with special accent to the island of Korčula and peninsula Pelješac in Dalmatia, Croatia.

"Our mission is to bring clear and realistic picture of this region to the people who want to learn about it. Regions history, culture, traditions, religions, cuisine, wines… all you wish to know… We want to share all our knowledge with you without being afraid of any in depth discussion on above topics."

Toni Lozica - Director

Korčula City Tour

This old Venetian border town is where I was born and where I grew up. I know all its narrow streets where I used to play with my friends in the ruins of the old abandoned houses. Cathedral Square, over its whole length, we used to play soccer, was to be chased away by the priest or nun that took care of the church.
Growing up I started noticing some things that were arousing my curiosity. Some details on the houses, some inscriptions in strange languages. . . It became much more than only our old playground, it became my foremost interest.
In my teens, I started reading about it's history, art, architecture. From that moment on I was swallowing all the books I could lay my hands on. Turning 28 I moved to The Netherlands for my family. I worked hard, but still, I read all I could find. Then I started widening my knowledge putting Korcula with it's history an in broader perspective of the Balkans, Europe, World. . .
All of this knowledge harvested through all these years I will eagerly share with you.

  •   Tickets for museums, cathedral and refreshment included
  •   Duration depending on your interest from 1 to few hours. Start whenever we agree.

Korčula Island Tour

I'll take you to discover the island of Korcula. My island, where I grew up and lived most of my life. One of the most enchanted islands of the Adriatic.

We'll talk about it's history starting at the city of Korcula and dash across this magnificent island.

You'll see and feel centuries-old villages, enjoy delicious food that the island can offer, it's indigenous wines, olive oil, learn about its traditions. What can I say more? No need - I invite you to come and experience yourself!

Feel the Mediterranean as it once was, feel Dalmatia.

  •   Duration depending on your interest from half day to whole day, half island or whole island. Start whenever we agree.

Pelješac Tour

Pelješac is the wine peninsula, where my roots are deeply set. My maternal grandparents were making wine here in the last century. A place where I grew up. We'll drive through the vineyards of Dingac and Postup. Taste the wine that is served in the White house! Feel like a president?

Visit the winery of Mike Grgich. Croatian-born Nappa Walley winemaker, who bested the French with his Chateau Montelena Chardonnay at the Judgement of Paris. For the first time, the French were beaten in their own game.

We will climb the walls of Ston and taste it's delicious seafood. In particular, oysters that won a gold medal at the World Fair in Paris.

There is definitely a lot to see and a lot to taste.

  •   Start whenever we agree

Olive Oil Tasting

Visit Eko Škoj at Žrnovo. Taste their olive oil, home made jams, liquors and other traditional Korčulan home made products. All products are ecological and environmental friendly.

Included drive to Žrnovo, guide, tasting of several oils and jams.

  •   Duration depending on you from one hour on. Possibility to buy some of the products. Start whenever we agree

Wine Tasting

Visit Bire winery in Lumbarda. Taste their exquisite wines enjoying some snacks. Learn about Korčulan wines and their production.

Included drive to Lumbarda, guide, 3 wines and snacks. Possibility to buy wines.

  •   Duration depending on you, from one hour on.
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